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"Developing Medical Education through the Craft of Teaching and the Art of Practice"

Doug Lemov portraitPresented by Doug Lemov                           

Managing Director of Uncommon Schools, Taxonomy Project

Friday,September 21, 2018

1 - 2 pm
Scaife Hall Conference Center, 1105

About The Speaker

Doug Lemov is the author of Teach Like a Champion (now Teach Like a Champion 2.0) a nationally recognized study of high performing urban teachers and their methods. He's also written a book (with Katie Yezzi and Erica Woolway) a book on the role of practice in professional development, Practice Perfect, and (with Erica Woolway and Colleen Driggs) a book on literacy, Reading Reconsidered. He works at Uncommon Schools-which runs 52 schools in cities around the North East--and leads a team that develops teacher training tools and workshops.  Prior to his work at Uncommon Schools, Doug was a school founder, a teacher and a principal. He has a BA from Hamilton College, an MA from Indiana University, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.